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GDPR Terms & Conditions

SkyNet Data Privacy Policy

SkyNet Worldwide Express (SkyNet SAL) hereinafter referred to as “SkyNet”, acknowledges the importance of Data Protection, and takes the responsibility to protect the customer’s data, and limit its usages within the agreement under which the data has been shared with SkyNet.

The data protection policy of SkyNet enforces that the data once shared with SkyNet is not used for any marketing purposes, and is not exposed to any external parties or business partners across the world unless prior consent of the customer is given

Below are the details of what data is received and saved by SkyNet for the purpose of fulfilling SkyNet's courier services of pickup and/or delivery of the shipments.

What Information does SkyNet Hold?

As a courier company, SkyNet receives the customer’s information for the purpose of pickup or delivery of the customer’s shipments. SkyNet collects the following information: Name, Address, Telephone number (Fixed Line), Mobile number, Email address, and signature at the time of delivery (optional).

Data Usage

SkyNet only collects, processes and utilizes personal data to the extent, which it is necessary to establish, maintain and terminate a contractual relationship, which was established in order to supply pick-up and/or delivery services to the customer.

It is SkyNet’s legitimate interest to process personal data in order to improve our service, to answer questions and to handle claims and complaints.

Data Protection

SkyNet’s Data Protection Policy ensures that we take adequate technical measures to protect the customer’s personal data from exposure to any external entity, theft, or misuse. The data shared with SkyNet is always saved in an internal operating environment which is not publically accessible. The data shared on the SkyNet website and shopping cart form is encrypted by Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Data Retention and Destruction

SkyNet saves the personal information shared by the customer for a period of 10 years, after which the data is destroyed using proper data destruction tools.

Subject Access Request (SAR)

SkyNet acknowledges the importance of the rights of a person to be forgotten, therefore we accept Subject Access Requests, in case you want to know what information SkyNet holds about you, and/or you want that information to be amended or destroyed from the SkyNet system.

To initiate a request to access, amend or erase your details in the SkyNet system please fill out the form below, and send an email to the following email address [email protected] along with a scanned copy of any of the following valid documents (driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate).

Important Notices

  • Subject Access Requests can only be initiated by the Subject (Person). Any Subject Access Requests received from a third party will not be entertained. SkyNet will verify the request details (Email, Telephone, and Address) prior to processing the request.
  • The details will only be shared to the provided email address in a standard format, depending upon the type of request initiated by the Subject.
  • The processing time for the Subject Access Request may take a maximum of 40 days, although SkyNet will try to utilize its resources to complete the request earlier.
  • The Details collected in the below form will only be used by SkyNet for the purpose of GDPR Subject Access Request, and will not be shared with any external parties.

Subject Access Request Form (GDPR)

Personal Details

The details below must be duly filled by the Information owner, any request found to be initiated by a third party who does not own the requested information will not be processed.




Full Name None Should be the same as available on the legal ID provided in the email attachment.
Email Address To be filled by the customer
Telephone Number To be filled by the customer (Fixed Line)
Mobile Number To be filled by the customer Cuts vertical padding in half, from 8px to 4px, within all td and th elements
Address To be filled by the customer (must be including the country code)
Request Type To be filled by the customer Please write only one of these Access/Amend/Erase
Reference Number To be filled by the customer Please provide any Reference number like Shipment Number

Request Details

Please write some details about your request in the field below.

Important Notes:

  • Please fill the details in the above form and email the same to [email protected] along with a scanned copy of any of the following valid documents (driving license, birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate).
  • SkyNet will review your request, and will take necessary actions as per the type of request within a maximum of 40 days after the request has been initiated.