Important note: SkyNet policy on Coronavirus. To know more, click here.

SkyNet policy on Coronavirus

SkyNet continues to take all sensible measures to mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus on all staff and customers.

On the 9th March we issued guidelines and procedures to all staff advising them of the precautions and actions to take in the event of any staff member having any risk of infection. These are being implemented where required.

We are suspending visits to and from customers, in an effort to minimize risks. Please reach our Sales and Customer Service Department via E-mail. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow advice from government organizations.

SkyNet staff working from home

We are ready to enable effective home working for staff by giving them remote access to our systems. Please understand that our Customer Service call center may be affected by this contingency plan by having a lower number of Customer Service Representative available to answer phone calls.

We kindly ask our clients to try to contact us via email preferably, we will ensure quick responses. Please contact the email of your customer service agent or sales representative as usual. For any other questions, contact us via chat at: Chat

Impact on Service Levels

We are working closely with our airline partners and agents to minimize the impact in our services. In our next communication we will be informing you about our new chat service, that will allow us to communicate faster and in a more efficient way.

We wish everyone to remain safe.

Best Regards,
Skynet Management