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Our regular Worldwide door to door courier services, export and import, for documents and parcels, to and from almost every country in the world.

Shipments are trackable on-line with competitive, measured and monitored transit times which are managed and supported by our excellent customer services teams.

When additional speed of delivery is essential SKYNET WORLDWIDE EXPRESS offers specially tailored solutions including time definite deliveries.

  • 0900 Express Next weekday delivery before 0900 hours
  • 1030 Express Next weekday delivery before 1030 hours
  • 1200 Express Next weekday delivery before 1200 hours
  • Import Express Door to door services from over 180 countries worldwide
  • Additional services:
    Weekend and out of hours delivery directly to your customers office or warehouse. Worldwide onboard courier service.


    When time is less critical and lower transport costs are required, we offer deferred services worldwide for documents, non-documents and freight shipments.


    SkyBOX INC is an affiliate of SkyNet USA. Created in 1991, SkyBOX is a pioneer company that allows clients to shop online in the USA and Europe by assigning a “Suite” address in Miami and London, and then shipping the client’s packages to their home or office in their current country of residence.

    Mostly web-based, SkyBOX is an e-shopping solution for clients around the world. We offer the advantage of offering international shipping that some of the online stores does not offer and many tools to facilitate their shopping experience.

    Sky Returns

    SkyReturns is a cutting edge platform developed in cooperation with ZigZag Global where retailers save money on returns, customers get faster refunds and stock is back in supply chain more quickly. Click here to find out more.


    When time is not an issue and you have heavy weight shipments our 5 to 7 day door to door heavy weight shipment delivery service can get your cargo delivered door to door at considerable savings.


    SkyNet is the best choice in costs and efficiency for your mail or printed material delivery needs, either domestic or international. SKY MAIL not only delivers your shipments, but also offers a complete fulfillment solution including packaging and labeling, inventory control, sorting by country, etc.


    As a global solutions provider SkyNet provides fulfillment and logistics services throughout our network including collecting, packing, labeling and processing shipments to residential or commercial customers.


    Low cost effective way to get cargo shipments to specific country airport, where customers own broker will clear and deliver to final destination.

    Comat & AOG

    SkyNet provides a series of logistics and transportation support services that will ensure delivery of time sensitive shipments such as AOG’s for our Airline customers, SkyNet also transports daily consolidations of company material for Airlines. See Service Provided below:

  • IATA-Accredited Dangerous Goods training courses for site personnel.
  • Diligent process in Import permits and Customs regulations.
  • Immediate confirmation of delivery.
  • Consolidation for exports.
  • Deconsolidation for imports.
  • Customer tailored monitoring of all shipments, web Tracking System, accessible 24 hours a day from any computer with Internet access
  • Pick-up and delivery available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year including weekends and holidays. Tel: 786-4317723
  • Immediate proof of delivery.
  • All shipments departing on the first available flight out.

    In addition to our standard delivery options, we offer a range of special services that allow us to cater to your specific needs.

    Services might not be available in some countries. Please check with your local SkyNet partner.

  • PUDO (Pick-up and Drop-off) We provide emergency-part warehousing and delivery of technical spares from SkyNet branches across the country. This includes a high-control, high-visibility reverse-logistics and POD system.
  • Embassy Courier We pick up and deliver visa applications, passports or any official documents to, and from, an embassy.
  • Tender services We pick up and deliver tender documents so you don’t have to, allowing you to promptly and accurately submit tenders on time, every time.
  • Messenger and Banking Service This includes the collection and banking of cheques from institutions on either an ad-hoc or fixed-route basis, delivering on the same day or overnight.
  • Mailroom Management Mail is collected from either centralised mail trays or from the desk, consolidated, sorted and delivered nationally to recipients, be they customers, suppliers, branch offices or banks, on the same day or overnight.
  • Kitting We assemble numerous components into pre-specified kits, and deliver these kits to your distribution list.
  • Point-of-Sale Distribution SkyNet makes sure that promotional goods and Point-of-Sale material are delivered expediently to any Point of Sale in time to meet promotional objectives.
  • Sampling We collect and replace quality-deficient products for manufacturers, helping them maintain quality control processes. We also help marketers deliver sampling campaigns on time and with precision.
  • Health and Wellness Our specialty Health and Wellness division enables us to deliver your health and wellness products, safely and with integrity, to wholesalers, retailers and consumers on time.
  • e-Commerce We deliver through our vast distribution network and partnership with a large local retailer, significantly grows our distribution points countrywide – enabling your customer to pick the option best suited to their time and pocket.
  • Fulfilment We are able to pack and ship orders direct to individual customers, whether orders stem from online, direct mail or conventional transactions.
  • Packing At SkyNet Worldwide Express we recognize the importance of proper packaging a packing to ensure that our customers shipments arrive with their customer in good condition.
    For those shipments that are more fragile and require professional packing we provide excellent services.
  • Interactive Inventory Is a web based system designed to meet inventory needs for small and medium sized companies as well as for larger corporations. It does not require any software installation and can be accessed from anywhere through the web, allowing you to manage all your warehouse needs from any PC connected to the internet. Thanks to its scalable architecture, Interactive Inventory can grow along with your company based on your business volume. It will help decrease inventory carrying costs and increase efficiency.
  • Dangerous Goods SkyNet Worldwide Express has many years of experience in the handling and carriage of dangerous goods and employs qualified specialists to provide professional advice and to ensure that shipments are handled and shipped in strict accordance with the regulations by Road and Air.